Mark It With An M: Love At First Spite & Chocolate Chip Cookies

I love a good chocolate chip cookie!

Mark It With An M!

I am the worst at posting. Even when I’m all prepared and have the post written, the graphic done, pictures taken… I forgot to schedule the damn thing to publish. So here we are with the rest of the posts I owe! And cookies🍪

In Love At First Spite, our heroine decides to build a spite house to screw with her ex fiancé. What is a spite house, you ask? It is a house you build right next door to your ex’s house with the intention of renting it out and decorating it with the flag of the sports team they hate, kitschy lawn ornaments, and a blocking view of the gorgeous landscape your houses border. All things he hates. All out of spite. Because that is what cheaters deserve, amirite?

However, when things don’t quite go to plan and your spite house (SPOILER) catches on fire and then explodes, you need a consolation prize. Warm, homemade chocolate chip cookies have never steered anyone wrong, especially in a moment of sadness.


Marked with an ‘M’

– Maddi

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